Lietuvos vietovardžių geoinformacinė duomenų bazė

Geoinformational Database of Lithuanian Toponyms

The online geoinformatics database of Lithuanian place names is geared primarily towards the scientific research and application purposes. That is the first such base in Lithuania to present information about linguistic units – place names – and geographical units – geographical objects. Every linguistic/geographical unit has its coordinates mapped and is accompanied by attributes pertaining to the place name and the geographical object that it denotes: variations of the place name in the living language, its stressed main form, accentuation paradigm, other cases stressed, a scientific explanation of its origins and formation, the time of record in the living language, the time of first mention in historical sources, aural pronunciation of all cases, population in towns and villages, parameters and pictures of geographical objects, their administrational affiliation, and so on. On top of that, it is the first database of Lithuanian place names to cover both the existing names of towns, rivers and lakes and the extinct proper names of these classes as well as land names that were recorded from the local populace in the interwar (1935–1940) and post-war period. The development of this database make all of the data contained in it (the authentic place name forms, accentuation, clarifications of formation and origin, object descriptions and so on) easily accessible to Baltic linguists and geographers of Lithuania and of the world and allows to carry out deeper and more expansive research.


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